Included in the data obtained from the 19 storms intercepted during the 1999 season of ROTATE (see map below) was that of a very large tornado, with core flow 1200-1600 m and winds exceeding 100 m/s and exhibiting distinct and trackable multiple-vortices was observed by DOW3. Data from this case will be posted on this website sometime in the near future.

Locations of successful tornado intercepts (red triangles) by the DOW during the 1999 ROTATE season.

A general synopsis of the 1999 season of ROTATE is as follows:

990413 Mission to Silverton TX area ~620 miles. Strong convection. Test data sets only with staggered PRF, high PRF, etc. See map below for the day's route:

990421 Mission to Enid, OK area ~330 miles. Two weak tornadoes (Hunter, Kremlin). Dual-DOW deployment ~1 hour of dd data of surface circulation and possible tornadoes. A route map (left) and deployment map (right) appear below:

990422 Mission to Tulsa, OK area ~310 miles. Strong convection, no tornadoes. Data collected in several cells N, W, and S and E of Tulsa. Map

990427/8 Mission to Plainview, TX area. Strong convection, little organization, no tornadoes. Data collected in several uninteresting cells E of Plainview.

990501/2 Mission to Odessa, TX area. Collected data at ~1.4 km range in two (one?) tornado near Tarzan TX. Preliminary winds ~45 m/s. More will be posted at a later date.

990503/4 Oklahoma tornadoes.

990509/10 Mission to Southern Kansas. No tornadoes

990514 Mission to Texas Panhandle. No tornadoes, not even much convection.

990515 Mission to Lawton area. No tornadoes, just dying convection.

990516 Mission to Guthrie, Texas area. Possible short lived weak tornado. Brief surface rotation near Guthrie was short lived and weak.

990520 Mission to Jericho, Texas area. Probable dual-Doppler in weak tornado near I-40.

990523 CMRP dual-Doppler mission over Lamont profiler. Dual-Doppler data collected during squall line passage.

990525 Intercepts of non-tornadic storms northwest of Abeline, TX.

990526 Short lived tornado observed near Peyote, TX.

990531 Some data in different tornadoes including Sitka, KS tornado. Not the best quality, though. dual-Doppler in a possible weak tornado after dark near Alva, OK.

990601-5 6 tornadoes and one gustnado intercepted in 3 days. dual-Doppler, genesis data, single-Doppler. Tornadoes in Almena, KS, Thedford, NE, and Ainsworth, NE.

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