During the third year of the ROTATE field campaign, the DOWs obtained dual- and single-Doppler data on seven tornadic cases. See the map below for locations of tornado intercepts.

A map of successful tornado intercepts (red triangles on the image.)

A general synopsis of the 2000 season of ROTATE is as follows:

000430 Crowell TX area. dual-Doppler of tornado, single-Doppler of Genesis near Oklaunion, marginal single-Doppler in 2 weak tornadoes Map appears below. Radar images from this day.

000508 S OK Convection died in strong cap.

000517 Nebraska. dual-Doppler on genesis of 1 to 3 very weak tornadoes and storm merger. Dual-Doppler of maturity and demise of Brady tornado.
Radar images and deployment map

000522 W Arkansas. Convection rotated, but never got real interesting.

000524 TX Panhandle. Targeted storms near Pampa. Nothing really got going.

000525 Altus OK Burger King. Storms never fired in target region to SW. Nearest good storm near Lubbock TX.

000527 Throckmorton TX. dual-Doppler of genesis and tornado just N of Throckmorton Radar Images

000529-000601 KS-CO-NE-IA-MO-KS. Not even any rain.

000613 Pratt KS area. Saw a short lived tornado. No good data.

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